About Mogo


Success at Mogo is defined by love & listening. A lot has happened since we started in 1980 when Michael Callahan began custom building and modifying your wheels. Leon Callahan took over the business and grew it to service all the states in Australia.

A lot has changed in 40 years, we've introduced new innovations, customisations, materials and technologies. Yet the heart and soul of what we will always revolve around a process of love and listening. We always have and always will design every inch of a wheelchair with the owner in mind. That's why when you go Mogo, you never go back.











People who have had many wheelchairs in their lifetime will tell you that the right chair can give them a new energy, a new attitude, a new outlook. That’s why we place so much emphasis on getting the measure-up for your personal wheelchair right. Our design process, honed over the years, is the most thorough in the business and includes total individual customisation.


You tell us.

We will listen.










Everyone has a different relationship to technology. At Mogo we are aware of the latest in wheelchair geometry & biomechanics.

Amazing inventions can lead to amazing new lifestyles and this is the ultimate aim for our team at Mogo.

We are always learning. Ultimately, new knowledge will translate into more functional devices for daily activities in the broader population.

Our vision is to improve lifestyle, offer freedom and always be there for you.