• Overview


    Not designed for the faint-hearted, the WCMX chair will survive crashes, stacks, double back flips and do it all again – just ask Nitro Circus’ Aaron Fotherinham.

    Fox air shocks allow you to jump down a three metre drop and land it as smooth as a 10” drop.

    With easy access to caster pintle bolts, you can quickly interchange your standard day castors with high performance skate castors. Why buy two chairs when you can get away with one?

    Mogo is working closely with Mike Box himself , each  chair starts production with Mike in America, after the guys at Box have finished their magic, we powder coat or polish the frames & assemble them to the Mike’s strict standards here in Australia.

    Those standards are the reason why after ten years of crash test dummies, this is the only chair you can trust at the skate park.


  • Features

    • Reinforced Box Frame
    • Suspension Fox Suspension Air Shocks
    • Front Seat Height 12 ” – 22″
    • Back Rest Height 10″ – 22″
    • Seat Depth 8″ – 22″
    • Seat Width 8″ – 22″
    • Centre of Gravity 0″ – 7″ (adjustable)
    • Footrest Width Standard or Taper
    • Cambers 0° – 6°
    • Side Guards - Aluminium welded as standard
    • Back Rest - Tension adjustable with leather