• Overview

    The ZX-1 turns a rigid manual wheelchair into a joystick-driven power chair in a matter of seconds. At the heart of the ZX-1 is a totally self-contained power base — a virtual power chair without a seat. The user backs his or her manual wheelchair over it, and with the press of a joystick button, the ZX1 automatically clamps itself to the wheelchair’s camber tube. Armrests attached to the ZX-1 wrap around the user, complete with joystick, and off he or she goes.
    The ZX-1 features two power chair motors and drive wheels, all tucked beneath the manual wheelchair. Two 12v 15Ah batteries and 70A electronics allow a 4-mph top speed and a 5-mile range. The power base allows the modified wheelchair to climb up to a 2-inch obstacle. At 87 pounds, the ZX-1 power base is easier to transport than a power chair, fitting in most trunks. What’s most striking, though, is that when the user is finished using the ZX-1, the power add-on is released at the touch of a button, returning to a full manual wheelchair in seconds.