• Overview

    The NEW PushTracker provides even more information and individualization of the SmartDrive—the award-winning wheelchair power assist. Use it to customize the SmartDrive performance you like best by changing the mode of operation, tap sensitivity, top speed and more.

    Now with the added features of the PushTracker Activity Monitor and its FREE Smartphone App, in addition to controlling your SmartDrive you can track day-to-day propulsion metrics—including push count, coast time and more. They all seamlessly connect with one another to give a complete picture of mobility activity, helping to monitor daily habits, reduce risk for injury and ultimately improve your quality of life!


    With the PushTracker Smartphone App, wirelessly sync & send your daily data via Bluetooth® from your PushTracker wristband for an in-depth look.

    Within the App you can easily:

    • Swipe between the three different PushTracker dashboards to check how you are doing at a glance and see how it compares to your daily averages.
    • View your past performance, see just how much your SmartDrive helps and compare against other users.
    • Track your journey as you explore a park or city and share it with all your friends.
    • Quickly tweak the functionality / performance characteristics of your SmartDrive and test for what you like best.
    • Wirelessly update PushTracker and SmartDrive Firmware as new software-centric features and improvements are released.

    All in one Unit

    Convenient single-unit design. Installation is faster and easier than ever with the rechargeable battery pack built right in. Just hook the unit onto the quick mount bracket and you’re all set.


    Folding Wheelchair Compatible

    Compatible with folding chairs The optional quick-release mounting bar is a dream come true. Just pull back on the spring loaded flanges to quickly attach or remove your SmartDrive MX2+



  • Features

    • MX2+ has lights on the drive unit which indicate your battery level.
    • MX2+ is OK in rain and through puddles (but not to be submerged in water!)
    • MX2+ is great to use in conjunction with the FreeWheel.
    • Power Assist device which fits onto rigid and folding frame wheelchairs. Ideal for anyone wanting to minimise risk of shoulder injury, with existing shoulder injury or requires power assist for mobility.
    • Ultra light, powerful, wireless connectivity to wrist band.