• Overview


    4″ (10 cm) interconnected air cells provide an adjustable, low deformation, counter-pressure environment that not only prevents, but assists in the healing of Pressure sores. Appropriate for the high risk client. The original ROHO cushion, the High Profile is suitable for individuals who suffer from any stage pressure sore, are at high risk, have a history of skin breakdown or require comfort for longer sitting tolerance. Despite the introduction of the more flexible and stable Quadtro Select the ROHO High Profile cushion is still the preferred therapeutic cushion for some.


    The ROHO Low Profile therapeutic cushion was engineered to maximize stability of the user while protecting from the potential risk of tissue break down. With its 55mm (2.25 inch) cell height, the Low Profile cushion is ideal for individuals who value portability, lightweight and performance in the equipment they choose.As with all ROHO DRY FLOATATION cushions the Low Profiles can be adjusted to address the exact body shapes, sizes and seating needs of the end user.

    Can be made to fit any chair


    If you want to compare the clinical characteristics of the ROHO cushion range click here http://www2.therohogroup.com/

    If you want to compare the clinical characteristics of the ROHO cushion range click here http://www2.therohogroup.com/

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    To view an animated set up guide for the ROHO cushion follow the link below. This will take you from the Mogo website.


    Made from flame retardant 2″ profile black neoprene cells with no weight limit.ROHO cushions conform to bady shape allowing immersion and envelopment to minimise tissue deformation. This maintains blood flow and reduces the risk of skin breakdown.

    Most suitable for users – who are moderate to high risk of skin breakdown – able to independently perform weight shifts – who transfer independently – are unable to sit for long periods due to discomfort – with pediatric disability

  • Features

    • No Weight Limit: As with all ROHO Neoprene products there is no weight limit
    • Offers protection from possible skin breakdown while offering added benefit of ease of transfer
    • Ventilated: Independent cells allow air movement between them
    • Adjustable: Shapes to individual and their specific seating needs
    • Construction: Flame resistant durable Neoprene rubber.
    • Weight: Aprroximately 1.5 kg / 3.5 lbs.
    • Cushion comes complete with hand inflation pump, repair kit and operating instructions.