• Overview

    Get Proven Benefits with Each Option:

    • Better performance and efficiency.
    • Eliminates pushing on the tire.
    • Eases pain in the hands & wrists.
    • Greater control when braking.

    Compared to Standard Push rims, the
    Research Evidence is Clear:

    • The Natural-Fit reduces effort it takes to grip to the rim by 16%.
    • You can cover the same ground with less work and less fatigue.
    • Multiply the effort saved on every push by
      2000-3000 – that’s the average number of times wheelchair users push on their push rim every single day.

    The Bottom-Line is that the Ergonomic Grip Matters. Every Push. Every Day

    The Natural-Fit uses the original, larger profile oval. It offers 80% more surface area for gripping than a standard handrim and weighs just 24 ounces.

    The Natural-Fit LT uses a reduced weight, smaller profile oval. The LT is designed for those looking for a reduction in weight or a smaller gripping surface (for those with smaller hands). The LT is more than 17% lighter than the original Natural-Fit — it weighs just 20 ounces (about 5 ounces more than a standard round-tube push rim).



  • Features

    • Both the Natural-Fit and the LT Fit on Almost All Standard Wheels:
    • 20", 22", 24", 25", & 26" standard spoke wheels.
    • 6-point Mag wheels (all sizes).
    • 7 and 8-point Mag wheels (24" only).
    • Spinergy wheels and X-Core Wheels.