• Overview

    Mogo Blindsider РWRL Rugby League Wheelchairs

    Look out, it’s coming, all beef and biff, Mogo Blindsider is the chair you want on your team. A product of constant development to WRL standads. As tested on Brad Grove and the world’s toughest competitors.

  • Features

    • Made from strong lightweight T6 aluminium
    • Double anti-tip rear pivot wheels
    • Fender shape - flat or pointed
    • Cambar 13 degrees to 20 degrees
    • Seat width and length no maximum or minimum measurements
    • Back upholstery - depth ajustable 420D denier with leather corner patches for durability
    • Seat upholstery - high quality 420D para pack with velcro tension adjustable
    • 3" casters all around with a choice of 88a or 92a hardness - sealed bearings all around
    • Be sure to ask about our T5 package with all the "bells and whistles"