• Overview

    The Invacare® Matrx® Kidabra is the paediatric version of the Matrx Vi (Visco Insert) cushion. The Kidabra is designed to provide skin protection and positioning for children at moderate to high risk. The unique three part foam construction targets skin protection to where it is needed most, and features improved stability, support and comfort.

    Outer cover:

    • Moisture resistant and breathable
    • Includes slip resistant base, hook and loop fasteners, lifting strap
    • Kidabra print available in paediatric sizes.

    Inner cover:

    • Moisture resistant
    • Easily wipes clean
    • Zippered cover allows access for cushion modifications

    Top layer:

    • Soft (ILD) High Resilient (HR) foam for optimal comfort
    • and support
    • Pre-ischial contour provides stability to pelvis
    • Abductor/adductor contour promotes midline leg positioning
    • Made with Ultra-Fresh™ for antibacterial and odor protection

    Visco foam insert:

    • Molded visco-elastic foam ischial relief insert
    • Anatomically targeted to ischial/sacral area
    • Provides immersion to sensitive bony prominences

    Bottom layer:

    • Firm (ILD) High Resilient (HR) foam for support and durability
    • Trochanteric shelf provides stability to hips
    • Waterfall front edge
    • Rear radius for sacral support