• Overview

    Lightweight, reduced profile skin protection for active users.

    The JAY X2 is a lightweight, maintenance-free, fluid cushion witha reduced profile that is designed to provide stabilitya nd pressure relief to active clients. Using elements from the JAY Xtreme and Active cushions, the X2 combines JAY’s time-tested designs with its latest technologies.

    Lightweight, Stable Foam Base with Reduced Profile

    The X2’s incredibly lightweight foam keeps the overall weight of the mobility system down for active clients, while its 2.25″ profile doesn’t sacrifice seat-to-floor height. Its flat base allows the client to sit at the front of the cushion comfortably during daily tasks and activities. A notch at the rear of the cushion reduces pressure over the coccyx bone. Removealbe 1″ lateral thigh supports provide additional positioning

    JAY Flow Fluid Insert

    The X2 features a small JAY flow fluid insert, which conforms to each individual’s shape and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the sking from breakdown. Its zero-maintenance design delivers superior results throughout the life of the cushion.

    Innovative, Dual Cover System

    For convenience and protection, the JAY X2 features a dual-cover system. The inner cover is water-resistant and easy to wipe off and clean, while its Aqua-guard zipper and anti-wicking thread protect the foam base from fluids. The machine-washable, stretch outer cover reduces surface tension and its zipper enclosure ensures secure coverage.

  • Features

    • Width: 14 - 20"
    • Depth: 14 - 20"
    • Height Front: 2.25"
    • Height Rear: 2.25"
    • Product Weight Min: 1.7kg (16 x 16")
    • Cover Type: Inner Cover, Stretch Outer Cover