• Overview

    It is widely accepted that a large number of wheelchair related injuries occur when individuals in wheelchairs attempt to transfer to or from their wheelchair. Typically, these falls happen when the wheelchair user fails to, or is physically unable to engage the standard wheel locks

    With D’s Locks, the danger of wheelchair movement and slippage during transfer is almost entirely removed. They are a basic safety item for the wheelchair to prevent falls from the wheelchair and prevent injury. D’s Locks are durable and secure. Simple operation allows for total control in wheelchair stability, significantly minimizing the inconvenience and threat of injury during transfer associated with the use of standard wheelchair brakes. These safety benefits translate into increased freedom and peace of mind, decreasing the dependence on others.

  • Features

    • Single lever positively locks wheels in place
    • Locks can can be engaged and disengaged easily, even with limited hand control
    • Lockset lever can be mounted almost anywhere for user convenience
    • Adds no width to most wheelchairs
    • Wheels can be removed and replaced while D's Locks are engaged
    • Compatible with most everyday wheelchairs and wheels
    • Simple installation