• Overview

    Hand Rim »Curve L«

    Full control with »Curve« – the ergonomic hand rim for active wheelchair user. Made in Germany.

    Based on the natural anatomy of the hand, the ergonomically optimized profile guarantees a controlled and effortless grip, while stabilizing the wrist. Compared to the use of conventional hand rims, the use of »Curve L« is less tiring for the hand muscles, leading to less convulsions and less pain for those, suffering on carpal tunnel syndrome and resulting in a relaxed and sustainable ride.

    Weighing just 470g, »Curve L« is a very lightweight, ergonomic hand rim. Available at your specialized dealer in powder-coated or anodized aluminum, both with a black, matt finish. With its height of profile of 31 mm, »Curve L« is especially made for normal and large hands.

    Wheel sizes 24’‘ and 25’‘.
    Further sizes on request.