• Overview


    Hand Rim »Curve Grip«

    Full control with »Curve« – the ergonomic hand rim for active wheelchair user. Made in Germany.

    For the first time, the innovative profile offers quadriplegics a clearly more effective pressing area between hand and hand rim, due to its bigger size compared to a conventional round hand rim section. Therefore on plain surface and especially when going uphill, propulsion is easy on the joints and energy saving, leading to a better and safer handling of the wheelchair.

    The greater side surface of the hand rim allows especially quadriplegics without or with only limited finger- and wrist-function more control and a safer ride. The increased profile size also offers a greater surface for breaking and changes in direction, as well as a better pressure distribution, preventing burn breaking.

    Wheel sizes 24” and 25”.
    Further sizes on request.

  • Features

    • Available in the STD and large size