• Overview


    The Batec Quad Electric offers you a 2 in 1 approach to your needs: a unique solution that will revolutionize your mobility outdoors, without having to renounce to the advantages of your manual wheelchair.  It is the definitive mobility tool for all those who have injuries affecting both upper and lower limbs ie., quadriplegia and related injuries.

    The  Batec Quad  Electric will allow you to gain time comfortably in short daily trips, while enjoying the new mobility it will provide. The G&B control, specially designed for all users with lesions in their upper extremities, will enable you to speed up and brake with smooth control movements.

    In your free time, it will become your trust ally when you want to access the countryside, go on long journeys, do a spot of tourism or simply enjoy a nice walk.  Bush trails, grass, beach side esplanades and hard to access suburbs will no longer be beyond your reach.

    And, of course, you can disconnect your Batec whenever you want to enjoy the comfort of your manual wheelchair for certain environments such as shops, restaurants or your own house, thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system (Pat. Pend.)

    Whenever you like, you can disconnect the Batec in less time than it takes a person with no disabilities to get on or off a motorbike.  Even users with very severe disabilities can disconnect and connect the Batec autonomously.


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  • Features

    • MATERIAL - 7005 T6 Aluminium
    • MOTOR - Brushless de 500W y 36V
    • BATTERY - LEFEP04, 11 Ah Lithium, without memory effect (30-35km) with wireless automatic connection system
    • DOUBLE USB PORT - for charging a smartphone or tablet
    • Ultra quick CHARGER (4 hours)
    • TYRE - 20" Maxxis ultra-gripping (54-406)
    • WHEEL RIMS - 20" double wall aluminium
    • BRAKES - Double Shimano 203 Mechanical disc brake with Shimano Decore levers
    • HEADSET - FSA Orbit MX
    • G&B accelerator and braking system
    • BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system (Pat. Pend)
    • BATEC EASY-FIT regulation system (Pat. Pend)
    • BATEC SAFE - FEET stand frame (Pat. Pend)
    • FRONT LED LIGHT - 900 lumen, connected to the main battery
    • DOUBLE REAR LED LIGHT on the stand frame
    • CONTROL PANEL with battery indicator and power regulator
    • CYCLE COMPUTER with LCD screen and 4 functions