• Overview

    You take your sport seriously and so do we

    The Trojan was born from the determination to succeed on court and improve the game as we know it.   like most athletes, Michael trained for many hours a week, but he spent  just as many hours improving chairs to go with it, Now after more than 30 years testing and constant improvement, our design ideas have been adopted worldwide and  Michael Callahan made the Wheelchair Basketball Hall of Fame for his contribution

    Michael’s passion still burns deep here at Mogo with his son Leon & Troy ( himself a 5 time Paralympian and fellow Hall of Famour) still pushing the limits on each and every ball chair we build. Every chair is measured precisely and built from the ground up and We’re not happy untill you are!

    Where else can you get a ball chair designed by a Basketballer hall of famer,  fine tuned and scripted by another.

    The Trojan is a strong and powerful presence on the court while maintaining ultimate  lightness and lightening quick agility.

    Just like the warriors of the past, you will be a force to be reckoned with once you strap yourself into a Trojan ball chair!


  • Features

    • The chair comes in 2 distinct designs - the maximum height offensive chair or low pointer defensive chair.
    • Made from strong lightweight heat treated T6 aircraft grade alloy.
    • Anti-tips/rear pivot wheels come in single or double.
    • Fender shape - pointed ‘offensive’ or flat ‘defensive'.
    • Camber degrees - 13 to 20.
    • Seat width and length - no maximum or minimum measurement applies.
    • Back upholstery - depth adjustable, with leather corner patches for added durability.
    • Seat upholstery - black 420D parapack with Velcro for cushion attachment.
    • Rear wheels 24" to 27”, double walled rim, stainless steel spoking, hard anodised hand ring and pump up tyres.
    • 3" casters all around with a choice of 88-92a hardness, the harder the better
    • All bearings are sealed.
    • Be sure to ask about our T5 Package with all the bells and whistles