Since 1983, JAY has engineered wheelchair cushions that provide the optimal combination of support, comfort and skin protection through innovative design and advanced  science and technology. As industry pioneers, we’ve worked with top researchers and continue to seek clinical opinion and test our products to exceed industry standards. The result is the trusted and much loved JAY family of seating products.
JAY has been combining science, technology and design innovation for over 30 years to provide superior clinical seating. Our portfolio offers solutions that span the continuum of clinical needs from relatively “simple” comfort cushions like the Jay Ion or the Jay Soft Combi through to wheelchair pressure cushions that offer the highest level of postural support while protecting skin integrity – like Jay Fuison or Jay Deep 2 Contour

Why do i need a Wheelchair Cushion?

Wheelchairs are designed to be used with cushions.  Without them, it is difficult to maintain a functional and comfortable position and your skin is at risk for pressure injury.
Our wheelchair seat cushions are designed to meet a range of individual needs, offering a comprehensive heirarchy of comfort and postural support depending on your needs. 
A  high priority is to try and minimise the risk of skin breakdown and pressure sores as a result of seating for long periods of time.  By using a suitable Wheelchair Cushion, pressure management can be achieved by distribuing loads across the entire sitting surface while equalizing pressure in surrounding areas.  Jay cushions combine premium materials and research based contours to create highly effective, comfortable,skin protection cushions that require little maintenance and  offer highly customizable seating solutions.




JAY Ion Cushion Wheelchair Cushion

Comfortable, convenient and quality skin protection and positioning

The JAY® Ion™ is a comfortable skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion composed of a multi-layered foam base, moisture resistant inner cover, and an anti-microbial outer cover.


JAY X2 Cushion

Lightweight, reduced profile skin protection for active users.

The JAY X2 is a lightweight, maintenance-free, fluid cushion with a reduced profile that is designed to provide stability and pressure relief to active clients. Using elements from the JAY Xtreme and Active cushions, the X2 combines JAY's time-tested designs with its latest technologies.

JAY Fusion™ Cushion

Combines the J2's skin protection capabilities with the J3's maximum stability

The JAY® Fusion™ is an adjustable wheelchair pressure cushion designed for skin protection that features JAY Flow™ Fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION® air insert options in a package that's comfortable, stable and supportive.


Stability and positioning with skin integrity protection

Product Features:
- Firm base, anatomical well, femoral loading
- Carveable base for build-ups, cut outs and customisation
- Jay Fluid Tripad for ischial immersion and envelopment
- Wide range of postual support accessories
- Air exchange cover as standard, incontinence resistant cover and solid seat are options

Clinical Application:
- Client with high risk of skin breakdown 
- Designed for the client with symmetrical posture to aggressive postural needs that change over time
- Clients unable to weight shift; limited postural stability and unable to reposition


Clinical wheelchair seating, designed for kids!


• Dual layered contoured foam base
• Reticulated foam in the outer cover promotes air movement
• Soft and stretchable outer cover (available with coloured outer cover side bands - option)
Brand Sunrise
Unit Of Measure Each

Due to the vas range of Jay cushions and sizes, it is impossible to stock them all. For this reason we cannot offer them online. Pricing is based on the cheapest base cushion. For more information, please email for a PDF or pricing and availability


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