Custom Builds

100% custom wheelchairs built in Australia

Companies will often say they are “the only custom fit manufacturers in the world”. However, this is true only as long as you fit inside their ‘standard parameters’. Often, this so-called “true custom fit” comes at a new, higher custom price. At Mogo Wheelchairs, our chairs are truly custom built to their new owners, meaning no two clients ever have the same chair. We have no minimums and no maximums, with no jigs and no restrictions.

True custom built for a true custom fit

More than just sleek lines and beautiful styling, the right wheelchair will change the user’s life. At Mogo Wheelchairs, we work hard to get it right. The most thorough measure-up by people experienced in wheelchairs (mostly users) leads to a tailor-made chair that is unique to you. Every chair is made-to-measure and optimally fitted without compromise, which means we can meet your budget and provide you with the best result. As Australia’s custom-made wheelchair specialists since 1980, service and parts are always readily available. You’ll appreciate the Mogo extras.

Custom designed at no extra cost

Each chair is painstakingly hand-built to exact specifications. What does this mean? It means you can have any shaped wheelchair, with any amount of bends and modifications needed to ensure you get the perfect fit. All this is included in our standard purchase price. Our custom design just for you costs you no extra, and your first service and adjustment is free!