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About us

Where and who it all began with - Michael Callahan - as you know, Michael started Mogo Wheelchairs [originally known & registered as Action Wheelchairs] after a coal mining cave in accident in 1980, by the end of 1981 he was set up and tinkering in his backyard garage trying to make something better, lighter and more responsive, by the end of 1982 he was trying out his chairs in the world of disabled sport and now, today at the age of 64, as a 3 time para-lympian in the sport of basketball and an innovative wheelchair designer and manufacturer, he has made his mark on the world of wheelchairs.

Michael’s wife Gail, has worked with Michael from the onset and is your first point of call when you contact Mogo, as well as Cinder the Great Dane and Sid the talking Alexandrine parrot. Gail will give you all the info you need, make your appointments and a cup of tea or coffee and organise everything for you…..

Leon is Michael’s son and from an early age went to many of his dad’s basketball games, in later years he became a proficient wheelchair user himself, filling in when teams were short, he soon was helping Michael in all aspects of the manufacturing and upon leaving school, learnt his trade as an aluminium welder, topping his class, from there he has gone from strength to strength, now designing and making chairs along side his father.

Our agents are also well versed in the wheelchair trade, Dion Reweti is the Qld agent for Mogo and himself a paraplegic after an accident, he began working with Mogo in the 1980’s, where he learnt all there was to know about wheelchair manufacturing and now owns his own successful business with his wife Marijana, selling wheelchairs.

Wendy Turner is our S.A. agent, very in tune with the disabled persons needs, having a disabled son herself, next we have Matt Glowacki in the U.S., a double amputee, who travels the country giving inspirational talks on disability and it’s ‘abilities’ and is himself an avid rock climber.

For those further afield, we have Vesa Sydnmaa in Finland, also a paraplegic and active in disabled sport of basketball and lastly at the bottom of Australia in Tasmania, we have Kevin Faulkner, another trusted former employee of Mogo, a paraplegic and again active in within the disabled sports world, you can find all their details on the contact us page.

Now you know a little about us, come on in, visit our gallery to see pictures of where it all began, of past and present athletes and clients.

Let us seat you in comfort!