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The Folding Frame

Why change something if it has always worked, again - our original folding wheelchair. Custom sized as are all our wheelchairs and still made from strong lightweight T6 alloy.

The chair comes with all our std features, choices of wheels and colours and fabrics with the added folding benefit for when space isn’t an option.

Standard features

  • frame available with single or double cross arm folding action
  • Back upholstery , in padded depth adjustable 9oz sailcloth or removable padded overlay
    Both std with vanity flaps
  • Rear wheels , 24” through to 27” , quick release axles , alloy double walled rims ,
    Stainless steel spoking in 24 or 36 hole choice , hard anodised push rings and
    Pneumatic tyres
  • Front wheels , sizes range from 3” to 8 x ¼ “ , solid or pump up tyres
  • Seat upholstery is a high grade 420D parasail material with Velcro for easy cushion
    Attachment .
  • Handles a fixed in place umbrella style
  • Colours , choose two colours from our range of basic - gloss , matt , textured & candies
  • Bearings - all bearings are sealed bearings for longer life


  • MK1 - dual flip up height adjustable
  • MK2 - single lift to the side, lock in place, height adj
  • MK3 - complete lift off hanger & footplate in one piece.
  The MK1 Folding Frame adjustable Wheelchair

Option and Upgrades

We have a good selection of options for you to choose from, including handles, brakes, cushion, sides, arm rests, head rests, trays, graphic art, wheel and spoke variations, seat belts, to many to list, so click on our options page and make your choice.